drawing like a rekcufrehtom

Drawing Like A rekcufrehtoM

Drawing is essential to every single artistic practice. It's how we all start out. It's a daily practice for 99 percent of us out there. Not just artists, but everyone. It's a continuity between us and the larger world and our expression of it. We trace, record, marvel, doodle the elements that surround us and our thoughts. 

Drawing is a part of life, and life is an occasion to draw. 

Yeah, I said it. 

Emma Dexter (big fucking deal in the art world) defined drawing's nature as a universal human endeavour - a shared visual language of expression. We understand the rawness, the clawing, the understanding, or just the mindset. Drawing equals honesty and immediacy with the messages they convey and the method of production. Drawings seek truth, not power. What makes drawing an easy subject to ponder in everyday life is also what makes it difficult to value clearly in the 'art world'. 

The Italians (way back when) had this idea for drawing called 'disegno'. It combines the physical act of drawing as well as the intellectual capacity whilst drawing to invent the design. The conceptual act, linked with the physical capacity to form a drawing is lead tenderly by the hand, up the path, around the bush, across the field and maybe across the M25 too, all the way up there with all the other mediums of expression into the field of significant intellectual speculation and private expression. 

It's really cool nowadays to be able to draw anywhere on anything, even something you've just taken a picture of. I've chosen a selection of drawings for ya here to peruse at your leisure -- all made in the past week. 

drawing 6.jpg
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